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Product Listing

Your product listing is your storefront. Like a window display attracting your sales person especially for your online operations, shoppers will attract on your listing title and image. In Quickmas you can customize your product list with/without variant, tag in product group, category, supplier and more. Learn More


Quickmas procurement is usually divided into four major processes: planning, selection, administering and closing procurements. Planning involves the creation of the official procurement management plan and selection based on previous history, documents… available in the software. Learn More

Sales - Invoicing

Create invoices, quotes or orders easily from professional templates. Streamline your billing process with Quickmas. The process includes create and send bulk quotes, bulk email or SMS with a click. Auto generate repeat invoices. Track unpaid and overdue invoices. Learn More


Sales - Point of Sale

Quickmas offers web based and app based Point of sale (POS) system for you, where your customer makes the payment for goods or services that are offered by your company. This POS is integrated with your relevant warehouse, your eCommerce website and your eCommerce app. Learn More

Sales - eCommerce

You don't need to create your website. Just subscribe the Quickmas eCommerce service, insert our DNS in your domain and choose a template/theme from our design store and see your eCommerce website and personalize mobile app ready to take orders from your customers. Learn More


Quickmas does all of your accounting for you, quick and accurately each time you make a purchase or sale. Generate real-time reports like profit and loss report, balance sheet and several statements and summary, you can be confident that everything is correct. Learn More



One of the most challenging aspects of running a business is learning how to effectively manage your inventory so you have what your customers need and want without having much excess. Whether it's deciding what and how much to order, when to order, keeping an accurate count of your products, and knowing how to handle excess and shortages. Learn More


In today's extremely competitive manufacturing market, effective production planning and scheduling processes are critical to streamlining production and increasing profits. Success in these areas means increased efficiency, capacity utilization, and reduced time required to complete jobs. Learn More

Project Management

To manage projects for your organization, you can easily create new projects in Quickmas.
a project management life cycle consists of 5 distinct phases including initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closure that combine to turn a project idea into a working product. Learn More


Customer Support

The services support module of Quickmas is designed to focus, manage, and track the customer support operations of an organization such as supporting the customers by ticketing systems. Support and services are managed by the following ways:
1. incident-based support and
2. service scheduling. Learn More


With Quickmas advanced CRM features give you the power to extend your marketing that you can start bulk email and bulk SMS marketing with customizable templates, and then connect with people to drive business in new ways, like live events, trackable coupons, online surveys, and more. Facilitate onetime or periodical invoice generator, complaint management and customer support/services. Learn More

HR & Payroll

Quickmas HR is design to organizing your company employee hiring, staff’s management, employee’s related issues like recruiting, hiring, departments assignments, department’s collaboration salaries generation, performance management, allowances and increments.
Payroll and overtime functions involve calculate salaries, wages, overtime, deductions and tax from payroll data. Learn More


Access Control

Access control is a security technique that regulates who or what can view or use resources in a computing environment. It is a fundamental concept in security that minimizes risk to the business or organization.
Quickmas access control systems perform identification authentication and authorization of users and entities by evaluating required login credentials that can include user, passwords or personal identification numbers (PINs). Multifactor authentication (MFA), which requires two or more authentication factors, is often an important part of a layered defense to protect access control systems.

Security & Audit Trail

Security: Quickmas has engaged an independent auditor to examine Quickmas cloud based ERP system relevant to the Service Organisation Control (SOC 2) of Trust Services Principles and Criteria for Security, Availability and confidentiality.
Audit Trail: Each record in an audit trail includes information about what the event was, who created the event, and the day/time the event happened.


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Accounting Today

Bank Reconsiliation: "Automatically syncs with bank accounts, providing suggested entries that can be validated with one click." API facility from bank required.

Without API: If no API facilities from bank, "you just open account statement from bank website and match with your pending entries in the software then can be validated with one click."


Mobile App

Download and install our android app from Play Store now.

Invoicing on the go: Create and send profassional invoice, price quote or send payment link and get paid from anywhere on the go.

POS (Point of Sale): Operate POS without any interruption from internet or electricity breakdown. Data will save in local database. And will sync when internet available

Access flexibility: Get update for all business transactions real-time on your hand. besides watching report you can do your works from your mobile using the app.


Online but works as local

Use all available features without any interruption from internet or electricity breakdown. Data will save in local database. And will sync when internet available

Help & Support

Global Support

Support Ticket: We’re ready to answer all your questions from our ticketing systems with email support for all issue about the software.

By Local People

Call center: With support centers in multiple country/location, our friendly support team is quick to respond, on every channel.
Onsite Support: Onsite support will normally be provided between prescribe time period for local support center.

Video Guide

In the time of using the software you will see a overview icon and a video icon in necessary pages. You will guided by quick reading user guide or watching a small video for using steps.

User Guide

We provide highly interactive and engaging small business guide to help organizations tap into the power of peer support. Whether you’re a corporation you answered the confusion raised. Its all about from our info icon, FAQ or other tools in the software. Learn More

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    > Price quote, sales order and proforma invoicing
    > One time and repeating invoicing
    > Procurement invoices with uploading supporting documents
    > Inventory and basic accounting
    > Customer, supplier and employee database
    > Company, branch and warehouse management
    > Basic CRM with customer communication history
    > Access control with two user account (additional Tk.3000/user)
    > Browser based and android app based

    > POS invoicing
    > Barcode Generator
    > Procurement invoices with uploading supporting documents
    > Inventory and basic accounting
    > Customer, supplier and employee database
    > Multi-warehouse management with barcode generator
    > Basic CRM with customer communication history
    > Access control with two user account (additional Tk.3000/user)
    > Browser based and android app based

LC Management
    > Cost-benefit analysis and comparison
    > HS Code based costing and landed cost analysis
    > Comparative Statements (CS) generation
    > LC amendment history
    > Integration with purchase modules
    > Shipment tracking
    > Auto generation of commercial documents
    > Fund realization and allocations
    > LC Margin and BG management
    > Analytical reports for management and customs

Product Development Costing
    > Add non-inventoried accesories using to develop a product
    > Add other expences for development of a product
    > Adjustment of inventory shrinkage
    > Adjustment of damaged or spoiled inventory
    > Depreciation
    > Opportunity costs

    Note: If your added cost is an inventoried item, then you should use the manufacturing module instead of this process.

Recipe Card Management
    > List the products that you want to go for in-kitchen production
    > Cost an entire function or catering job in minutes. Generate accurate catering bids
    > Create recipe card for each product and approve the per recipe production cost
    > Recipe card shows each quantity of product cost with nutritional information
    > After approve recipe card can create invoice by instant cooking or schedule for ant quantity of production as per availability of raw ingredients

Advance Accounting
    > Receive & payment vouchers with upload supporting documents for future reference
    > Claim for expense with upload supporting documents for future reference
    > Recuring expense
    > VAT and AIT management
    > Automatic depreciation calculation and update
    > Aged receivable and payable
    > Automatic bank reconciliation: Bank book balance in the software and bank balance in the bank's statement always balanced/reconciled if entries/updates are not pending. So needn't check current balance from bank or from bank statement for issue a cheque.

Distribution Management
    > Distribution points for distributors or your own
    > Product transfer and track from central warehouse
    > Observe and control distribution points real-time activity
    > Develop a sales team to manage all sales and delivery process
    > Quickmas RTM (Route To Market)
    > Daily or periodical sales assignment with real-time monitoring system

Dealer Management
    > Individual price management
    > Scheme (discount / coupon / point system) management
    > Dealer credit limit
    > Product-wise sales limit
    > Auto payment remainder
    > Supply chain management

    > Master Production Scheduling (MPS) ?
    > Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
    > Quoting
    > Order Configuration/Estimating
    > Purchasing
    > Supplier Managed Inventory
    > Multi-Level BOM's
    > Lot/Serial/Batch Tracking
    > Waste Management

Asset Management
    > Depreciation, Revaluation & Physical verification
    > Asset document management
    > Disposal and existing asset
    > Associated asset management costs
    > Movement in different places
    > Asset location and responsible employee
    > Maintenance dates and costs
    > Maintenance budget tracking and variance
    > Supplier & maintenance provider

HR & Payroll
    > Talent Acquisition
    > Managing Human Resources
    > Leave & Holiday Management
    > Attendances Management
    > Track Movement and Expenses
    > Payroll Management
    > Overtime Management
    > Employee Development
    > KPI Management

Email & SMS integration
    > Transaction alert like sales, receives, payments etc.
    > Dues collection remainder to you and your customer
    > Overdue remainder
    > Payable remainder to you
    > Insuficient stock alert
    > Product expiry date alert

Customer Complaint
    > Customer generate a support ticket from your ownDomain website. It will automatically assigned to a specific support person.
    > Support ticket from inbound call, email or other. And assign an employee accordingly for this ticket
    > Necessary tools to track all customer complaints and resolutions
    > Various channels of communication
    > Track complaints in real-time while controlling which department fields tickets
    > Customer support history
    > Effectively monitors staff performance when dealing with customer complaints

    > Leads, contacts and accounts management
    > Assignment
    > Event management
    > Campaign management
    > Email and SMS marketing tools
    > Real-time customer communication and meeting history
    > Sales opportunity
    > Customer support by ticketing system
    > Customer loyalty program

eCommerce integration
    > You don't need create your website. Just subscribe the Quickmas eCommerce service and choose a template/theme from our design store and see your eCommerce website ready to receive orders from customers.
    > The website will displayed on your own domain.
    > Get additional orders from your website
    > Your personalized eCommerce App is ready for your customers. The needs to download from Play Store to create orders.
    > Get additional orders from your app.


Reports and all entry forms of POSLIP are in standard formats. However, in course of time, you may require changes in some reports or entry forms or addition of new report/form. To some extent report or form customization is possible if changes are minor it’s free in three months from the date of delivery and if changes are major with an extra charge depending on requirement type.

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