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Company Values

XIKUP is a SaaS brand of Quickmas Technologies (QT). QT is an ERP solution providing company has been established in 2007 to promote and develop ERP system for retail enterprises. A good number of professional accountants, software engineers are functioning at QT research and development team. QT ERP system is an user friendly system which is further expanded and applied on the daily operation in our customer’s companies to manage their sales, distribution, accounting and production processes.

Having long experience in ERP system development, QT has by this time introduced itself as a trusted provider in the field in greater perspective addressing the needs of the rapidly growing retail market.

QT has developing local support centers in various locations in various countries, it is mainly because we will be providing support by local people with modules that is specifically required by that country. Such as, accounting standards, reporting standard, payroll standards, etc.


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