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Your product listing is your storefront. Like a window display attracting your sales person especially for your online operations, shoppers will attract on your listing title and image. In Quickmas you can customize your product list with/without variant, tag in product group, category, supplier and more:

Customize your Product List

  1. Create product with different variants.
  2. Tag product in product group, categories, brand and supplier.
  3. Set minimum product quantity for inventory alert.
  4. Set vertual product quantity for online order or other pre-order.
  5. Add eCommerce features for getting online orders.
  6. Include short descriptions lines for product where shoppers will quick knollege about your product.
  7. Insert search keyword in meta tag field for every product. Byer will find the product when search on a browser.
  8. Create fixed asset and stationary item with images and other info.
  9. Barcode automatically ready for printing when create product.


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