POS - Point of Sale

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Beside invoicing you can open POS accounts from your warehouses or outlets to sell product directly to the customers.
Quickmas offers web based and app based Point of sale (POS) system for you, where your customer makes the payment for goods or services that are offered by your company. This POS is integrated with your relevant warehouse, your eCommerce website and your eCommerce app.

Sales from POS

  1. For POS pre-set the offer from discount manager.
  2. Pre-set sales tax (VAT) from setting for all or any group of products.
  3. Sell from POS by cash, card, mobile banking or credit (pay later).
  4. Additional discount and membership reword system.
  5. POS user access control.
  6. Sales report, sales person performance report.
  7. Search product or a brand to see the sales performance for a period.

After Sales

  1. Product Exchange facilities
  2. Product return facilities.
  3. Invoice void/reverse facilities.


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